When I meet Symphony in Kuala Lumpur

When I meet Symphony in Kuala Lumpur
When I meet Symphony in Kuala Lumpur
When I meet Symphony in Kuala Lumpur
When I meet Symphony in Kuala Lumpur

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Symphony really is a very special Asian Girl, and although there are many wonderful girls on this fabulous website, nothing really compares to her. Take a look at her pictures in the gallery section and you will surely agree that everything about her is perfect; she is phenomenally pretty, and her body is divine, especially her amazing breasts. Many men have fallen head over heels for her charms and always ask if she is available before choosing someone else, and many others have pleaded with her to be their permanent girlfriend. As an example of this, here is an account of what happened recently on one of her dates.

Symphony was used to men booking her for a dinner date and was often taken to very nice restaurants or exclusive clubs for fine meals, but on this particular date even her own high expectations were exceeded. The client picked her up outside her apartment block in a chauffeur driven Mercedes and took her to a members only club in Kuala Lumpur City where he had booked a private room usually taken by parties of up to eight people. The dinner was exceptional, and the wine was obscenely expensive, and over dinner the client was attentive and even overly polite. Just as coffee was served and without any warning, the client took out a Cartier box out of his pocket and opened it to reveal a diamond ring which he offered to Symphony asking her to be his fiancée. Symphony couldn’t believe it, and was at a loss for words, but the client explained that he had fallen in love with her when he had seen her at a club with a friend of his the previous week and just couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Symphony wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, so she accepted the ring and that made the client very happy. They left the club and drove to his house near Selangor’s Park, where he gave her an envelope with more cash than she would expect for a week’s booking and told her that he wanted to spend the night with her to celebrate their engagement. Symphony decided to play along and give him the girlfriend experience of the century, so they went upstairs to his bedroom suite.

The client changed into a dressing gown while Symphony freshened up in the bathroom, and when she came out, he was sitting on a large sofa at the foot of the bed. Symphony stood next to him and slowly took off her dress; when the client saw her awesome breasts encased in a black lace La Prada bra, he gasped and reached out to touch them; just take another look at the Symphony pictures and I’m sure you will understand why. One thing led to another, and they found themselves in bed doing one thing after another to each other until finally the exhausted client fell asleep.


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