I”m a Quintessential Sagittarius,free-spirited, adventurous escort

I”m a Quintessential Sagittarius,free-spirited, adventurous escort

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My name is Kayle happy to see u here, I’m the quintessential Sagittarius; free-spirited, adventurous, and always on a quest for knowledge. I have an eclectic range of interests ranging from archeology to fine dining, and my natural curiosity means I always have far too many tabs open as I research my latest passion. My ability to spin a great yarn along with my cheeky sense of humour ensures we’ll never find ourselves short of conversation over dinner.

In the Hotel bedroom I’m a generous and enthusiastic partner, with a genuine desire to connect both physically and emotionally. My forte is the 'Girlfriend Experience'. I love to lose myself in hot and heavy makeouts, passionate lovemaking and intimate pillow talk. It gives me a thrill to figure out what makes your toes curl, and I’m not shy about communicating my desires either - the pleasure will always be mutual! check out more my picture by whatsapp me below number.

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